Proximity Gun Safety Device

A safer way to train new shooters



What is MuzzleSafe™?

MuzzleSafe™ (PATENT PENDING) is a proximity gun safety system that makes it very difficult to shoot oneself, and greatly reduces the likelihood of accidentally shooting someone else. It is intended for training and target shooting applications; not for self-defense.

The concept is simple. Using a proximity sensor (a.k.a. rangefinder), the device measures the distance between the firearm's muzzle, and the object likely to be struck by the bullet if the firearm is discharged. This information is fed to a microcontroller, which makes a decision to either allow or disallow fire.

In the proof-of-concept prototype, the proximity sensor is an ultrasonic sonar rangefinder, and the "firearm" (airgun) is enabled and disabled using an electromechanical relay switched by a transistor. The response time is somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 milliseconds (1/20th of a second). This is much faster than any human reflex arc, and makes it nearly impossible for a person to shoot themselves; even deliberately.

MuzzleSafe™ allows for several modes of operation: The first and foremost is disabling fire when an object is considered to be too close to the muzzle. This is useful for several reasons, from nearly eliminating the risk of shooting oneself, to greatly reducing the risk of accidentally shooting someone else. Through mathematical models and CAD simulations, it was discovered that the chances of a stray bullet hitting a person increase dramatically with that person's proximity to the muzzle of the gun at the moment it fires. By disabling fire in the "point blank" regime, MuzzleSafe™ protects innocent bystanders while still facilitating normal target practice.

The CAD files, spreadsheet, OpenSCAD script, etc. involved in creating the above are all available on Thingiverse!

Other programmable modes include the ability to prevent firing on targets that are too far away (this includes shooting up in the air, which can be dangerous), and only firing on targets that lie within (or outside of) specified range intervals.

Again, MuzzleSafe™ is intended for target shooting, competition, hunting, and training new shooters; not for self-defense applications! Voluntary adoption of MuzzleSafe™ firearms by law enforcement, military, and civilian firearms training facilities will drastically reduce accidents, suicides, and other undesired or negligent discharges. MuzzleSafe™ also provides a proverbial safety net for a child's first .22 rifle or airgun; severely reducing the risk of injury, while still allowing for supervised learning of proper firearm handling skills.

Click here to read a detailed white paper on the MuzzleSafe™ project, which includes mathematical models and graphs, as well as pictures and schematics of the proof-of-concept prototype.

Think locking up your guns is enough?

There are a lot of people who believe falsely that simply locking up one's guns is sufficient to prevent any possible accidents, since young children will thus be unable to access the weapons. We wish this were true, but unfortunately this is demonstrably very, very false.

We researched this matter thoroughly, and we found that the vast majority of gun accidents don't even involve young children. Children ages 0-14 are actually among the least likely to have a gun accident, based on an age breakdown of annual deaths. The highest risk age range is 15-24, with victims being in their late teens and early 20s. This probably coincides with an increased level of interest in guns being exhibited by young adults, combined with the fact that parents and society begin trusting such young adults with firearms for the first time.

Locking up guns when not in use remains the best practice for those with small children. We do not claim that MuzzleSafe™ is an alternative to this or any standard gun safety practice! But it is important not to delude ourselves into thinking that every gun accident involves a toddler finding an unsecured gun in a sock drawer. Yes, that does happen, but no: most fatal gun accidents do not fit that mold. Most fatal gun accidents involve adults being shot at close range by a loaded firearm whose muzzle was not being properly controlled. Therefore, locking up your guns -- while a good idea -- is simply not enough to reliably prevent an accident, since you or others will presumably load and fire them at some point, thereby incurring inherent risk. That's the bad news. The good news is, MuzzleSafe™ can help prevent the vast majority of gun accidents. When used in concert with safe gun handling practices, MuzzleSafe™ severely reduces the likelihood that an honest mistake will inflict tragic consequences.

DISCLAIMER: All MuzzleSafe™ firearms and airguns should be treated as if they are ready to fire at all times. Like any safety device, MuzzleSafe™ should not be relied upon to prevent injury or death from accidental discharge. Proper muzzle control and trigger finger placement must be observed when handling any firearm. The creator of MuzzleSafe™ will not be held liable for injuries or deaths caused by negligence on the part of the end user. Use of any MuzzleSafe™ product shall signify acceptance of these terms, and of all liability stemming from the handling of any firearm or airgun. Demonstrations of the technology are conducted under controlled conditions and should not be attempted.

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